Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare to clean my carpeting?

Remove furniture (if needed) then vacuum entire carpeting. The Carpet Express machine is NOT a vacuum cleaner. We recommend vacuuming carpet thoroughly making four passes with a CRI vacuum cleaner. Pre-treat general spots with 7IN1 Hi-Traffic, and 7IN1 Spot & Odor for pet & acid based spots. Read and follow all 7IN1 label directions prior to use. When replacing furniture be sure carpet is dry or put a protector under the legs of the furniture to avoid damage to carpet or furniture.

How do I clean?

Watch video on our site. Also, remember to pour the water from the bucket into the tank (grey) of the machine. See instruction on machine.

How do I clean stairs or upholstery?

Watch video on our site.

Can I use the Carpet Express machines to extract water?

This can be used to extract water on carpeting (not concrete or tile floors) But remember this is an electrical appliance, Use GOOD Judgment. Never use in standing water. If in doubt, call a professional.